Disney Star Tours Galactic Passport App

In 2011, Disneyland re-opened the Star Wars attraction, Star Tours at Disneyland. They asked us to create an engaging, social experience that would get people excited and hold their interest all the way to the park. The budget and timeline were tight, but we came up with a very fun, and successful promotion.

The Star Tours Galactic Passport experience started in Facebook as an app that allowed people to upload their photo into one of several character costumes, enter information, and share and print out a personalized passport. This included a page to receive stamps for each of the planets visited (the ride is randomized to visit a different set of planets each time). My favorite piece was a stamp that I personally created for 'ARRIVAL - GALACTIC SPACEPORT: EARTH' and was issued to ride attendants in the park.

This project was so successful that we were asked to promote the re-opening for Disney World's Star Tours ride shortly after this.